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Have you ever wondered how all the components of an aquarium work together? How about how to build your very own aquarium fish tank or choosing lighting that is approprtiate both to your tank and for your fish?

Fish Aquariums Online is an information site designed to answer questions like these and more importantly, to help you help yourself in managing your aquarium.

The knowledge on this website has come from personal years of experience in the field.

Latest News

FAO has the pleasure to announce that a free aquarium e-course will be available soon to the site. Stay tuned for details.

Latest Articles

What's Wrong With My Fish?

A look at some of the most common aquarium fish tank diseases and their symptoms.

Six Steps To Prevent Disease In Your Aquarium

Useful tips that you can use to prevent diseases in your fish tank and keep your fish healthy.

The Planted Aquarium: A Guide to Plants

Keeping plants in your aquarium can help create truly spectacular underwater environment that your friends will be envious of.

Five Types of Aquarium Plants

A look at five different types of plants that you can keep in your aquarium.

Guide To Aquarium Filters

A brief summary on how filters work in your tank, what they do and some different types of filters.

Aquarium Ebooks

How to Set Up a Marine Aquarium like an Expert (USA Download)

How to Set Up a Marine Aquarium like an Expert (UK Download)

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium like an Expert (USA Download)

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium like an Expert (UK Download)

Aquarium Stores Directory

Find aquarium stores and supplies at Start Local, your local search engine.

Find aquarium stores at Retail Shopping Engine , your US retail search engine.

Find aquarium installation and cleaning services at Home Services Engine (USA)

Find Aquariums and associated supplies at Start Local India.

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